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Corporate Overview

Henton is a technology company that understands business and a business consultancy company that understands technology.
At Henton, we believe that by using IT intelligently, your business will overcome the limits of technology and grow in an efficient, productive environment.
We offer a range of expertise in order to apply business smarts and deliver smart IT to your company or organization: information systems strategy, technological integration, full cycle enterprise solutions, and overall systems management. Our customized technology applications improve current technology and solve business challenges. The Henton e-learning management system combines an effective learning process with an examination system guaranteed to secure proper accreditation.
What We Value

Henton values the seamless integration of business objectives with technology solutions. We take the time to understand your requirements, and then create a smart, complete solution for your enterprise.

Henton Expertise

Henton has assembled a team that balances the need for business smarts and smart IT. Our expertise includes consulting on business and technology strategy, researching and creating innovative technology solutions, growing new ventures, designing full service e-learning and management systems, and assisting professional service organizations increase productivity and service.
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