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The Education Delivery Solution (EDS) is a non intrusive web based software tool that allows an organization to distribute and administer training programs that provides controlled access to education materials and a facility to measure the effectiveness of the program.†

The application works with audiences that are local or geographically diverse and is available anywhere and at any time.

The application is scalable to meet the needs of the organization.

The application is available in both official languages, English and French.†† Other languages may also be added if required.

The application is student centric, meaning a single student profile can have multiple course links.

The application deals with one of the major challenges today, that is measuring the effectiveness of a program.† Did the student comprehend the material that was presented?† Formal testing is not always well received. The EDS provides a relatively unobtrusive on-line testing facility that can be used by the student to reinforce their learning, in a practice mode, and also to test their comprehension, in a final examination mode, in the presence of a proctor, if so desired.

The EDS practice examination module allows the student to select a practice question set for an individual module, or for the entire course material.† Every test is different, since the questions are randomly selected each time from the database of multiple choice and true/false questions.† In addition, the education coordinator may set up rules to require successful completion of the test on a module, or section of the course material before continuing to the next step.† The student manages their schedule, yet the education coordinator is provided with the tools to easily monitor progress and results. In a case where the course may be combination of on-line modules as well as live presentation modules, the live presentation could be scheduled once a majority of students have successfully completed the on-line modules.

The EDS provides parameters to set time available and number of questions for each set of questions (module or a test on the entire course material) as pre-defined by the education coordinator.† During the examination, the time and number of questions remaining for the examination (practice or final) is displayed to the student.†

Upon completion of the examination, the studentís mark is displayed immediately.† In the practice examination module, this lets students know how well they understand the materials; at the end of the final examination, this lets students know immediately if they have been successful.†

While the use of the practice examination module reinforces comprehension of the course materials, the layout and format of the online facility will familiarize the student with the look and feel to expect at the final online examination.

In the practice examination setting, the student is also provided with some useful learning tools. Upon completion of the test, the student has the option of displaying and printing a report which outlines the questions that they answered incorrectly, the answer(s) they selected, what the correct answer is and which module the question was taken from.†

This friendly practice examination module will improve the success rate at the final examination.† The student will build confidence of their grasp of the materials and be better prepared.

The final examination module has some additional features.† Separate questions can be established for the final examination and the practice examination.† Regional questions can be included for specific students that may require a different focus.† In addition, core questions can be identified for all examinations.† These questions would be found on all final examinations, while the remainder of the questions would be selected randomly from the database. These criteria can be easily defined and managed by the education coordinator.

Should the education coordinator so desire, the final examination module has the facility to allow invigilation of the final examination.† The student can select an invigilator from the network of invigilators across Canada which is maintained and made available by Henton Works.† The student can view the list of all invigilators by province/city.† For each invigilator, their contact information, location, business hours, exam fee, language and other pertinent information are provided.† The student can then select the invigilator of their choice and coordinate scheduling of the final examination with no required involvement by the education coordinator.†

Upon completion of the final examination, the results are sent immediately, via email, to the student and their education coordinator.† In addition, if so chosen by the education coordinator, the successful student can be provided an electronic Attendance Certificate and/or a branded Graduation Certificate allowing the student can display their success as well as retain documentation to confirm successful completion of the educational program/course.

Course enrollment can be done through a central location or through self-registrations using a secured credit card fee payment process.

There is a great deal information retained that can be made available to the educational coordinator (i.e. enrolment stats, reports to meet accounting needs, etc.)

Services provided by Henton Works can be customized to suit the organizationís† needs (i.e., we can provide the functions and resources when and where needed)


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